Plastic Packaging

Choosing the right material is crucial in ensuring cost-effective packaging. Our team of battle-hardened consultants will run through your requirements and propose the most effective and complete packaging solution for your corporation.

Bakery Packaging

Our Bakery Packaging caters to all bakery outlets who are in need of proper plastic packaging for their food. We have a strong and wide-range of products that are accustomed to help all our clients.

Pastries Packaging

Puffs and Cakes come in different sizes - our collection of pastries packaging caters to niche products such as egg-tarts perfectly.

Bento Packaging

Our Bento Plastic Packaging helps Bento Caterers to place their food into our beautiful packaging.

Sushi Packaging

Our Sushi Plastic Packaging allows caters to display and hold their delicious-made sushi properly.

Fruits&Vegetables Packaging

Our wide collection of plastic packaging in our catalogue covers for all kind fruits and vegetables.